Liposuction Vs. Exercise: The quest for the perfect weight.

This week, we are making a comeback to the Travelling Taiwan posts. I still have a week’s plus worth of posts to go through, so I hope you like Taiwan! But before we get into the easy and relaxing stuff, here’s a spot of serious reading for you.

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As you all know, I have long been trying to lose weight. During my lowest times, I have been known to throw tantrums and yell that I’m just going to get liposuction and be done with it. But I have never done so, the cost being one of the reasons, the other being that liposuction is also known to have severe side effects and really, will plastic surgery give me the self-confidence I need? I don’t agree with doing plastic surgery on myself. I want to love what I was given, not change what I don’t like through unnatural means. (If you are pro-plastic surgery, that’s okay too. I don’t judge what you do with your body. It’s yours to play with!)

While we are on the topic of liposuction, have a read of the article below.

No matter what you attempt in life, there’s an easy way and a harder way to achieve your goals. When it comes to weight control and your appearance, you can choose the easy way, liposuction, or the harder way, exercise. Either method can help you achieve your goals, but exercise is undoubtedly the better option.

First of all, liposuction prices are so high, why waste money when there’s a more effective method of losing and controlling your weight? Take that money and buy an exercise bike or treadmill and some Pilates equipment. Start an easy cardio-vasular training program with the approval of your physician. Add time and tension to your workout as your muscles become used to it.

Watch your diet. Rather than submit to invasive liposuction procedures, buy good nutritious food and count calories. Drink plenty of water and eat vegetables and fruit daily to maintain proper nourishment. Remember, the objective shouldn’t just be to look better. Your goal should be a healthy lifestyle. By avoiding the liposuction prices and using that money for home exercise equipment and proper nutritious food, you’ll see the effects more slowly, but you’ll establish habits that will last. Those habits will keep you fit for as long as you follow them.

Any physician would recommend against liposuction procedures in favor of a more natural weight-loss program. Surgery has risks and even if they’re slight, you don’t want to end up as a statistic. Healthy eating habits and regular exercise will handle the problem if you’re 100% committed to following the program. That means you need to be honest with yourself and stick to your diet and training regimen. Imagine how good you’ll feel knowing you did it on your own, without paying liposuction prices or enduring liposuction procedures. That knowledge can build confidence that can carry you through those hungry times.

Trust yourself and take responsibility for your well-being. Price of liposuction is too much and is dangerous. The procedures are painful and the results can be uneven, causing lumps and other disfigurement.

If you’re not used to exercising, try walking with a friend. Check online for some diet tips. Weigh yourself frequently, select your foods carefully and learn how to measure your body mass index. Set aside time each day for some physical activity. You’ll achieve the same results as lipo but you’ll develop a new level of self-confidence that you can’t buy for any price.

I only have one point in the article in which I disagree – I don’t think you should weigh yourself too frequently. If you are anything like me, you are bound to develop a scale obsession. That could be unhealthy too.

What do you think? Liposuction, yay or nay?

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  1. Cally Staples-Hilll

    May 7, 2012 at 11:56 am

    Hi Celeste, great guest post! I think the focus for most people (myself included) has always been on weight loss – with the idea being that if you’re skinny you’re also healthy. This is BS. There would be a lot of people who are ‘overwieght’ that would have healthier lab results and health in general than people that look skinny. So why is skinny better? My mission for this year has been to turn the focus away from weight loss to just trying to be the healthiest me. Perhaps that means I carry a little extra weight – i’m not sure yet as I’m still refining what makes me feel the best regarding diet and lifestyle. I’ve learnt that years of dieting, intense exercise stints and other poor lifestyle choices (regarding sleep and relaxation) have had a detrimental effect on my metabolism and my body shows this – my body thinks it’s starving in a high stressed environment so holds onto fat. So now i’m eating like a normal person and exercising when I feel like it, sleeping lots and relaxing more. Its making a big difference to my psych – but not my body just yet (it’s only been 2 months). I’ve come to realise that i’ve always expected weight loss to happen quickly, and if it doesn’t then I’m not trying hard enough. But it doesn’t happen overnight, and shouldn’t because THAT’s damn unhealthy. Considering what my bodies been through over the years it makes sense that it would take a year or more for it to come to a happy place rehab wise. I think we need more patience with out health journeys, less diets and exercise, less stress and more relaxation.

    When you think about your weight as a bad thing all the time it make you sad. I’m sick of that.

    You’re gorgeous Celeste. Thanks for the insightful posts!

  2. Kate A

    May 13, 2012 at 5:02 am

    Nay, on all fronts. But you expected me to say this.

    You know where to find me should you ever wish to discuss anything health/fitness related. Happy to enter communications with you any time!

    • Celeste

      May 15, 2012 at 11:44 am

      Thanks Kate, I need to hire you as my personal trainer, I think!


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