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It’s really hard to find time to blog these days. Life is so full and colourful, that the last thing I feel like doing at the end of the day is sit down in front of the computer. Sometimes, I don’t even have the energy to. My computer sits in the corner and languishes.

But in the midst of all the Christmas rush and cheer, I felt that I had to share this. If only this, in time for the Christmas season. I’ve discovered something recently – I’ve discovered the joy in having fresh flowers at home.

I’ve always been one to poo-poo the idea of having fresh flowers at home. I thought they were a waste of money, they die and then you have to deal with either drying them or clearing them up. What’s the point? But for a recent bloggers meetup at my house, I purchased some beautiful fresh flowers to help with food styling and decoration. The leftovers were popped into a make-shift vase and they not only stayed alive for another 4 weeks, but they also added a gorgeous spot of colour to the house. (Not that my house really needs the ‘spot of colour’, anybody who has visited can attest to that!) I caught myself marveling at how long they stayed alive for, and found that contrary to my belief, I actually quite enjoyed having fresh flowers around. Who would have known?

So when offered to send me some for my housewarming, I found that I couldn’t say no. I found myself craving for another hit of these floral goodness, so I said yes, and in came the most gorgeous-looking flowers ever.

There is a certain joy in receiving the flowers at the door. There is a smile and a laugh that leaps to the face when you inhale the floral goodness, and the schoolgirl giggle that escapes as you pull off the card stuck into the bouquet – who could it be from? Even if you knew who it was from, the joy does not pale.

You can call me a convert. Ever since that first bouquet, I am now constantly on the lookout for flowers to decorate the house with. It brings in life and outside smells (good ones only!), and makes me smile when I look at them. I’ve started considering investing in vases, and jumped with joy when I found gorgeous flowers that didn’t cost the earth at the Gepps Cross Sunday markets. But I do definitely still secretly hope that I get another knock on the door, with a deliveryman holding a big bouquet of flowers for me.

I think, perhaps, that pure schoolgirl joy, the one that goes: “Oh, is that for me!?” just doesn’t get old. Or maybe it’s just that I rarely receive flowers from anybody. Don’t be as ‘generous’ as my boy. For Christmas, why not get somebody a beautiful bouquet?

Fresh Flowers sent me a bouquet for my housewarming. I willingly stuck my head into it to inhale the floral goodness. I do not believe that any of that beautiful scent has addled my brain, so I do believe all opinions are my own.

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  1. Those flowers are beautiful and congrats on your housewarming. I’ve never kept fresh flowers around, but I think I should! I’m following your blog now…
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