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Graduation seems like so long ago now. It feels like an age since I last walked down through the hallowed halls of my university. I look back on my graduation photos and marvel at how young I was. By the by, they were taken by Jimmy America, and he did a pretty darn amazing job, if I do say so myself.

Important things to note (after all we are a beauty blog): Napoleon Perdis in South Yarra did my makeup. This many years on, I can actually see huge flaws in this look. For starters, I have tiny eyes. Where’s the liner to reshape my eyes and where’s the step to balance procedures to balance out my less-than-perfect features? Also, where’s the filling in of brows? Tsk tsk.

Anyway, as I was saying, graduation was a darn long time ago. I was many KGs lighter, both in weight and wisdom, and definitely much poorer. But learning never ends, and I believe that it is important that we realize and acknowledge that we are learners and students for the rest of our lives. Especially as a teacher, I am aware of that fact and my childhood dream of pursuing a PHD still burns bright while I go through my day-to-day working life now.

I recently started a course at Media Makeup, a Cert II in retail makeup and skincare. I have also started browsing through a few local universities as my itch to learn once again flares up. But it wasn’t until I started teaching distance education students myself that I thought hang on, I could do a new undergrad course, or maybe even complete my PHD online. So I googled a little and up came Open Universities Australia. This might just be my answer!


Now, we all know I’m a teacher. I’ve never made any attempts to hide that fact and I’m quite proud of the fact that I’m a teacher. But do I want to be a teacher forever? The teaching industry is an incredibly soul-breaking, tears-inducing industry and I always believe in having backup plans. Open Universities Australia says it best with its recent campaign: “your best days are ahead of you.”

So, a PHD in Music Education or an undergrad in something else? I must admit, that while it is highly tempting to pursue my childhood dream and finish up my PHD (she says it like it’s so easy), I have always wanted to learn more about writing as well. But picking a new course to study is like being a child in the candy shop. I want to learn everything!

How about you? Have you ever thought of exploring further studies online? I have to admit that I didn’t even consider it at first. As mentioned, it only crossed my mind when I started teaching distance education students myself, and now that I’ve started looking into it, the possibilities are endless. And it doesn’t matter what your ENTER score is (or whatever score it is you use in your state), because Open Universities Australia provides open entry (no ENTER score required) for its undergraduate degrees and even provides preparatory units to help you understand academic requirements.

Of course, I am also concerned over the money. While my wonderful parents very generously supported me in my early years, I cannot rightly ask them for more money now. I was pleased to note that there is access to HECS and FEE-HELP, which means there is a higher chance of me being able to access it (I mean, I couldn’t possibly have started my cert II at Media Makeup without the help of Skills for All.)

So, what should I do? Writing? Finish up my psychology degree? Maybe further my Japanese studies? The possibilities are endless, and really they form my insurance and backup plan if ever this whole teaching gig goes pear-shaped.

Interesting thoughts. I’d love to hear yours!


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