Editorial Policy and Code of Ethics

At Becoming Beautiful, we believe in honesty.

  • All items have been bought with my own money unless stated otherwise.
  • I will always disclose if a product has been sent for review.
  • While advertising is accepted on this blog, it will always reflect my true opinions.

  • My blog is me.
    What you see is what you get.

  • This blog’s editorial right belongs to me and me only. I will not relinquish this right.
  • Positive reviews are not guaranteed no matter the circumstances.
  • Reviews written by me are my opinions in its entirety. In the interest of having a diversity of opinions, I may occasionally include other people’s opinions and will always state clearly when doing so.
  • Providing an item for review does not guarantee a review.
  • Should you like the item to be returned after it has been used for reviewing purposes, please include a self-stamped padded envelope.
  • I do not review items that I will not use personally. These items include: self-tanning products and tan-removal products. Should you insist on sending me these items, please bear in mind that I reserve the right to pass them on to a blogging partner for reviewing purposes.

  • This is my promise to you.
    And to myself.

  • I will not post anything that I do not feel has merit in it.
  • I like going to events and I appreciate any invitation. However, inviting me to an event does not guarantee coverage.
  • Honesty is the best policy and you will not find anything else here.
  • Glam Media and Nuffnang are the companies in charge of serving ads to this blog. Should you have an issue with the ads that are showing up, please email them directly. Or get adblock on your browser.
  • Have an issue you’d like to bring to my attention? Feel free to email me at anytime.