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I spent a lot of my childhood being told that I was too tanned; too fat; too short; too ugly. And I believed them.

As I grew into my own, I grew more and more conscious of how I looked. The taunts from my childhood had taught me a few difficult lessons: that I was short, fat and ugly.

But is this how we really should be living life? Hating our looks, hating ourselves, hating our very being purely because we do not fit the cookie cutter definition of beauty that society dictates?

I think not. Thus this blog was born to teach myself and to teach all the girls, ladies, women out there that there is beauty all around us, that we are beautiful both inside and out, that no matter the skin colour, the shape of the eyes or the numbers of the scales, we are beautiful in our own gorgeous way.

So I look forward to seeing you around the blog. Feel free to get started on some of the stories I’ve written in the past:

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