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Advertorial: Surging ahead with Open Universities Australia


Graduation seems like so long ago now. It feels like an age since I last walked down through the hallowed halls of my university. I look back on my graduation photos and marvel at how young I was. By the by, they were taken by Jimmy America, and he did a pretty darn amazing job, if I do say so myself.

Important things to note (after all we are a beauty blog): Napoleon Perdis in South Yarra did my makeup. This many years on, I can actually see huge flaws in this look. For starters, I have tiny eyes. Where’s the liner to reshape my eyes and where’s the step to balance procedures to balance out my less-than-perfect features? Also, where’s the filling in of brows? Tsk tsk.

Anyway, as I was saying, graduation was a darn long time ago. I was many KGs lighter, both in weight and wisdom, and definitely much poorer. But learning never ends, and I believe that it is important that we realize and acknowledge that we are learners and students for the rest of our lives. Especially as a teacher, I am aware of that fact and my childhood dream of pursuing a PHD still burns bright while I go through my day-to-day working life now.

I recently started a course at Media Makeup, a Cert II in retail makeup and skincare. I have also started browsing through a few local universities as my itch to learn once again flares up. But it wasn’t until I started teaching distance education students myself that I thought hang on, I could do a new undergrad course, or maybe even complete my PHD online. So I googled a little and up came Open Universities Australia. This might just be my answer!


Now, we all know I’m a teacher. I’ve never made any attempts to hide that fact and I’m quite proud of the fact that I’m a teacher. But do I want to be a teacher forever? The teaching industry is an incredibly soul-breaking, tears-inducing industry and I always believe in having backup plans. Open Universities Australia says it best with its recent campaign: “your best days are ahead of you.”

So, a PHD in Music Education or an undergrad in something else? I must admit, that while it is highly tempting to pursue my childhood dream and finish up my PHD (she says it like it’s so easy), I have always wanted to learn more about writing as well. But picking a new course to study is like being a child in the candy shop. I want to learn everything!

How about you? Have you ever thought of exploring further studies online? I have to admit that I didn’t even consider it at first. As mentioned, it only crossed my mind when I started teaching distance education students myself, and now that I’ve started looking into it, the possibilities are endless. And it doesn’t matter what your ENTER score is (or whatever score it is you use in your state), because Open Universities Australia provides open entry (no ENTER score required) for its undergraduate degrees and even provides preparatory units to help you understand academic requirements.

Of course, I am also concerned over the money. While my wonderful parents very generously supported me in my early years, I cannot rightly ask them for more money now. I was pleased to note that there is access to HECS and FEE-HELP, which means there is a higher chance of me being able to access it (I mean, I couldn’t possibly have started my cert II at Media Makeup without the help of Skills for All.)

So, what should I do? Writing? Finish up my psychology degree? Maybe further my Japanese studies? The possibilities are endless, and really they form my insurance and backup plan if ever this whole teaching gig goes pear-shaped.

Interesting thoughts. I’d love to hear yours!


Advertorial: You have been given a challenge – will you accept?

So… ‘fess up. How many of you actually go about doing day-to-day things without makeup? Do your makeup days outnumber your non-makeup days or is it the other way around?
For me, my non-makeup days actually outnumber my makeup days. I am fairly confident with my skin and while I do suffer terribly from a terrible self-image, it is not my face that worries me. Of course, having good skincare helps. And I’m glad to say that for the past few weeks, Clearasil’s Vitamin and Extracts Daily Wash has proven itself worthy of joining the ‘Good Skincare’ list.

If there’s one thing I have learnt on this journey of mine, it is that everybody is pretty. We are all pretty, in our own special way. And such prettiness is not something that can be taken away from us. But regretfully, there are many who do not recognize the value of such natural beauty, and that is when the layers and layers of makeup start piling on.

Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup. If I didn’t love makeup, you wouldn’t be reading this blog now. But I sincerely believe that makeup should not rule your life. There should be an equal amount of makeup days as there are non-makeup days. So I thought, why not show you just how I look without makeup on?


Here’s me looking all derpy with the rather gorgeous PZ. No makeup.


Here’s me again, at Morialta Park doing a morning walk. Again, no makeup.


And then, here’s me again with Sherry, just camwhoring in the car as we usually do. No makeup.

I love my no-makeup days. They feel amazing. You not only get to sleep more (as you don’t have to spend all that time putting makeup on), but you also get to do less cleansing afterwards as you don’t have to scrub hard to ensure all pigments are off. And hey, I’m lazy.

But really, this is what I truly believe: you do not need makeup to be beautiful. You do not need makeup to be gorgeous. You just need to be you, and with a little help from good skincare, you can definitely feel just as gorgeous without makeup as you do with makeup, with the outside matching the glow that is coming from within.
So here’s the thing, I’d like you to show me your non-makeup faces! Just take a #FOTD as per usual, but without makeup! Can you do it? I hope so, because one of you will be winning a Style Wardrobe Audit (worth up to $300) to help you improve your confidence and look your best when out and about, just for going makeup-less with me!


Your task: Take a photo of you without makeup, going about your everyday life. Share the photo with me by linking it in the comments. Then tell me how you felt without makeup on. Was it scary or was it liberating? Would you go for more no-makeup days?

This competition is open to all Australian residents and will end on the 15th of July. For the full T&Cs, please refer here.

Advertorial: A portrait and me, the Clearasil way.

I am a big believer of being confident in yourself. But I am probably also the biggest hypocrite there is. I preach, but I find it hard to practice what I preach. Confidence in your own looks is something that I find really hard to obtain – especially because we are our own harshest critics.


If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you will know that I have been on this journey of self-discovery and learning to love oneself for as long as this blog as been running. Every day is a journey, every day I learn a little bit more about myself. Some I like, and I file away for when I have days of self-loathing; some I hate and file away never to be brought out again.

Working on this Clearasil campaign has gotten me thinking again about the core values of this blog. Remembering that this blog is about becoming beautiful through confidence in oneself, the Clearasil campaign strongly pushes their belief that the products will be able to ‘give you the confidence to go for it every day’.

I don’t think we, as the nit-picky women (and perhaps men!) would say no to that. At least I know I don’t. But here’s the kicker. I know many ladies who say that Makeup is what gives them the confidence to go forth in their every day-today life. And certainly, since I began learning how to use the beautiful paints and pigments, I have began hiding behind it and building it into my biggest armor.

So Clearasil set me a challenge: To have my portrait painted while I am without my biggest armor: Makeup.

It was not without trepidation that I sat down to have my portrait painted. You can strip me of my armor; but you cannot strip me of my weapon. Over the past week or so, I had been using Clearasil’s Vitamins and Extract range to clean and prep my skin. If there was any chance of me looking good in this portrait, then this was it!


Luckily, Kate (the artist) was an amazing lady. She was quick to put me at ease, and admittedly being drawn in your own living room did mean that I felt quite comfortable very quickly! Still, I was dying to see what was going on behind that sketchbook and had to resist the temptation to peek many times.
What did she come up with? Well, you will have to wait, just like I did.

Meanwhile, here’s a giveaway for you. 5 lucky readers will be given the chance to win the Clearasil Vitamins and Extract Daily Wash. All you need to do is answer this question by the 28th of June:
Please note competition T&Cs

Do you think using a daily wash such as Clearasil Vitamins and Extract Daily Wash will enable you to put your best face forward and have the confidence to face every day?

Advertorial: Clearasil Vitamins and Extract Daily Wash

Every day, there seems to be new cosmetic products popping out into the market. There are new press releases zooming into my inbox every day, and I see promotions for new products on the shelves every time I go to the shops. To be honest with you, I’m not quite sure how to keep up. I kinda do, thanks to the press releases in my inbox, but truth be told, I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed, and start to wonder: Do we really, need all these products to clean our skin?

The answer is yes. The reason why so many products are being introduced to the market every day is because somewhere out there, there’s always still another woman who is trying desperately to find the one cleanser that will be the answer to all her skin problem. And hopefully, this time, Clearasil has the answer.

I have to admit, I’m not a big Clearasil user. I have used the Clearasil Perfectawash before (which I still use to this day, as I really quite like it!) so I figured there was no harm in giving the new Clearasil Vitamins and Extracts Daily Wash a go. I mean, hey, what’s the worst that could happen from using natural fruits like avocado and pomegranate, right?


The Claims

There are 3 key things that Clearasil would like to have me know about this facial wash. They are:

  1. This is a wash that will make your skin glow.
  2. This is a wash that is aimed at those who like to work hard and play hard, for those of us who have very little time and yet want amazing skin.
  3. This is a wash that will enable you and me, regular everyday women, put our best faces forward every day.

Early Impressions

  1. It contains Avocado & Promegranate. Yum, both fruits that I love to eat, I know that Avocado is really good for your skin, so that’s already a huge plus.
  2. Because of the Avocado & Promegranate extracts, it smells amazing!! The scent is quite gentle, non-offensive and very fresh smelling.
  3. The creamy texture is a dream to work with. It goes on like a dream, and I adore the non-abrasive texture of the wash. Another tick.
  4. I hate the packaging. There, I’ve said it. The tube packaging is good, that part I like as that’s quite sensible. But the diagonal lid..? Ooh, that bugs me so much as it’s quite hard to get open. In fact, I’ve struggled with it so much that there are times where facial wash squirts straight across the sink the minute I open the tube as I am exerting so much pressure in trying to open this tube. Argh.

What I’m going to do:

  1. As usual, I’m going to test it out for you. Does it make my skin glow? We will see.
  2. Will it enable me to feel confident every day? Only time will tell.
  3. I will be putting it through its paces, and whipping it hard, that’s for sure!

So stay tune! P/s: It’s kinda nice to be blogging again!

The Road to Confidence: Bright Green Eyes

This is a sponsored post.

It’s been awhile since my last Road to Confidence post, and indeed it has been awhile since I had the time to sit down to play with my makeup collection. It’s so easy to just let everything fall to the wayside once life gets hectic. I know that when I got stressed back in September, my good eating habits all went poof!

Still, we gotta take the time to chill at some point, and so when Sherry came over last weekend, we took the time to play with makeup and this was the look that I ended up with. I have to warn you first that the lighting at my house was really quite bad, and since I’m too poor to get my photography lights right now, we’ve just had to go with what we had.

I fell in love with the look, to be honest. I had been inspired by the amazing Megan from Make Up Store who had the most beautiful eyes at our previous #ABBM and had vowed to try something similar. This was my take on it! I love those lashes as well. So incredibly soft and so crazily out there!

In fact, I loved it so much, I decided to film a video tutorial on it. Hope you enjoy!

Did you notice the little naughty thing I did in my video? I admitted to one of my biggest naughty moves of all time: I don’t use foundation or bb cream anymore.

Why? Because I don’t feel that I need to cover my skin up anymore.
How? Because I have been paying attention to skincare and actually cleaning my face properly.

Many girls tell me that they can’t possibly walk out without any makeup, but have a think about it. If you have good skin, why would you need foundation? So the key isn’t in getting amazing foundations, the key is in getting better skincare products. Simple, really.

I’ll leave you with a few more photos from the night. Not exactly the best, but hey, I had fun and that’s the main point right? Let me know if you decide to try this look, I’d love to see your version!

By the way, the giveaway date has been extended! Rafflecopter will once more be opened for entries till the 5th of November so if you haven’t entered, here’s your 2nd chance! Be quick as you aren’t going to get another chance after this!

The Road to Confidence: Eyeliner-rific Halloween Makeup Look

This is a sponsored post.

Halloween is coming!

I’m not normally one to do up themed makeup looks, but I must admit to having a soft spot for Halloween. I think that it’s just such a cool idea! Last year, I had a Halloween dinner party with a few of my friends. Not sure if I’m going to do that again this year, I hope so!

I’ve also fallen in love with video, it seems. I have always hated the sound of my own voice, but these videos that don’t have me talking seem to sit alright with me. I’m also currently working on my first ever youtube channel (oh-em-gee), so this whole filming gig seems to have really taken over my life! So have another video!

Anyways, I digress.

I love liquid eyeliners, as I’m sure you all know by now. I cannot get enough of them. This look is all about liquid eyeliners. There’s virtually nothing else, if you don’t count the primers and bases! Oh and good skin. You always need good skin. Using Clearasil Perfectawash to cleanse your face is a good way to ensure that you get good skin.

Products used:

    Face Primer: Benefit -The Porefresional
    Eye Primer: Urban Decay – Primer Potion
    Foundation: Adderton – Loose Powder Mineral
    Liquid Eyeliner: Urban Decay , Maybelline, Dollywink, Limecrime, Mirenesse
    Lipstick: MAC Heartless

It’s not a hard makeup look at all. In fact, compared to all the other makeup tutorials out there, this is drop dead simple. But given how time poor we all are these days, a quick simple look is sometimes the key. I think I rather spend more time enjoying Halloween with my friends than fussing with my makeup!

Anyways, Giveaway Time! I have been fluffing on about Clearasil Perfectawash enough. I think you should be given a chance to try it too. I adore the automated functionality. I love gadgets. Who doesn’t!? So I’m giving away 3x Clearasil Perfectawash. To you. From me. Awwwwww.

Disclaimer: Actually it’s from Clearasil but it’s the thought that counts right?!

And because I’d really like to streamline giveaways, I’m going to trial Rafflecopter with this giveaway:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions of Giveaway

**If rafflecopter doesn’t load, or if you don’t have a Facebook account, you can still enter the giveaway by answering the same question: Do you celebrate Halloween and if you do, how do you celebrate it?

For additional entries you can:

  • Follow me on twitter at : @Berrytravels
  • Like my Facebook page at : Becoming Beautiful

    Rules you should take note of:

  • Only open to Australian Residents aged 14 and above. (Sorry!!)
  • To claim the prize, the winners must reply to Nuffnang’s tweet acknowledging them as winners within three days, as well as indicate their preferred address for the vouchers/giveaways to be sent. If the winner does not respond within 3 days, they will forfeit the prize.

    And that’s it! Hope you liked my video!

  • Advertorial: How I do my bare minimum makeup look.

    This is a sponsored post.

    I love gadgets. I love technology. We live in a wonderful time and my growing girth is the testimony to my love of convenience (and my love of food, but that’s not the point here.) I have a rubbish bin in my house that has a motion sensor built into it. When you hover your hand over the lid, it opens automatically. Who needs step bins?

    It’s the same with beauty gadgets. I’ll buy into a lot of gimmicks because I love genius ideas. Much like the Clearasil Perfectawash: it is your typical facial wash but with a touch of cool in its packaging. The dispenser comes with an inbuilt motion sensor which detects your hand and dispenses the perfect amount of facial wash.

    The reasoning behind such a product was apparently the result of a study done by Clearasil, in which it was found that many people overdose on facial wash. Why you would run such a study is beyond me. Is it possible to be addicted to facial wash? I think I am, as I caught myself dumping enough facial wash into my palm to wash 5 faces the other morning. I think that it’s hard to really be thinking about how big a 5 cent coin is when you are half asleep in the mornings!

    To illustrate, I made a little video. It’s a little dodgy, a little stupid, and a whole lot of new. I don’t normally do videos, though I must drop the smallest of hints that I may be taking a step towards my own YouTube channel. ¬_¬;;;;;

    I thought that I’d share with you my bare essential makeup look. It’s horrendously simple, and horrifyingly dodgy. I should be ashamed to call myself a beauty blogger! But some days, it’s just impossible to actually have enough time to pretty up, so the bare essentials will have to do when I can’t just get away with no makeup at all.

    Things you should know about Clearasil:

    • Perfecta Wash claims to contain pimple fighting ingredients.
    • The automated dispenser delivers exactly 1.5ml of product each time.
    • Available in Super Fruit Extract and Soothing Plant Extract.
    • Suitable for young adults of all skin types.
    • The Super Fruit extract formula is scented.
    • Retails for $19.99 with the dispenser; $11.99 refills only.

    I found that:

    • The sensor is very sensitive. I kept forgetting it existed and tried to move it around before turning it off. This resulted in many hilarious accidents.
    • I love the fact that it dispenses the exact amount.
    • I love even more, the fact that I don’t even have to think about how much to use.
    • I like the idea of the refills.
    • It does a really good job at cleaning my face; however, I found it a little too harsh for the dry areas of my face.
    • I did not have any pimple breakouts while trialling this product.
    • I did note that the dispenser was somewhat chunky, and not many of us have that much sink space.
    • I think this would be the perfect product for folks with oily skin.

    Not having used this product for too long, I don’t know how long the AA batteries powering the dispenser will last for. I will be blogging about the Clearasil Perfecta Wash again sometime soon, so we shall see. Till next time!

    You can learn more about Clearasil online through their website or via their facebook.