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Be gone Black Heads! – Trying out Etude House’s Black Head Remover Dual Sheet

Product: Black Head Remover Sheets
Price: Approx $1.80 – $2 aud per pack
Brand: Etude House
Buy from: Etude House outlets (They are all over Singapore and Malaysia!)

Recently I’ve started being interested in getting rid of my black heads again. I used to get rid of my black heads religiously when I was about 14, but I did it in the worst possible manner: I squeezed them out of my nose. Not only is this unhygienic, it also gives me the most unflattering red swollen nose ever. So I stopped doing it.

But I’m keen to get rid of them. They are unflattering and black heads aren’t that great for you anyways. This is where the remover sheets come into play.

This particular one by Etude House is a dual sheet pack. This means, there are two steps to it. You take the sheet out from the side labelled 1 and stick it onto your nose for 15 minutes. Here, have a unflattering photo of me!

When the 15 minutes are up, you are to remove the sheet and then wipe off the blackheads/whiteheads etc from your nose with a cotton pad. Remember to do it in a downward motion.

Once done, you remove the sheet from the side labelled 2 and stick that on for another 15 minutes. This one is to tighten your pores once more so you don’t end up with a nose full of holes!

So what did I think of it?

  • It does work. To a certain extent. After the first sheet was done sitting on my nose, I managed to wipe off some whiteheads. My cotton pad was definitely dirty but knowing my nose the way I do, I know there’s a lot more in there still.
  • The liquid used to soak the sheets do not agree with my eyes. By that I mean, the fumes from the sheet make my eyes water. I believe it’s more to do with the fact that my eyes are sensitive than the fumes being strong.
  • The 2nd step is a brilliant idea. Tighten the now empty pores! Good.
  • The 2nd step works a treat too. I was vastly impressed by how pore-less I looked.

  • Would I repurchase? No.

    Look, while I really did have fun playing with this, I believe the novelty will wear off fairly quickly. I want something that works well, and just getting rid of some of my white heads does not justify the purchase, cheap or not. So while I really like the addition of the pore tightening sheet, I won’t be running back to the shops for this.

    Would you like to try this for yourself?

    Where possible, I’d like for a reader of mine to try it for themselves. Why read my blabbering and forget about it? While I can’t supply each and every one of you with a product everytime, I will definitely try my best to share.

    I have one Black head remover dual sheet to giveaway. To enter, all you have to do is prove you have been reading my blog. Which part of the world did I buy this from? (You would have seen it in one of my haul pics). Good luck!

    Review: Etude House Missing U Hand cream – Harp Seal’s story

    Product: Hand Cream
    Brand: Etude House
    Price: $4.50 usd
    Buy from: Gmarket

    Before we get on with the review, some of you may be delighted to hear that Becoming Beautiful will be taking a definite asian turn. I have given myself a new challenge so while I will still be writing reviews about western cosmetic products for awhile yet, it will gradually lessen in numbers with reviews for asian cosmetic products gradually increasing. That’s the plan anyways.

    Today we will be talking about Etude House. Etude House is a korean cosmetic brand that has taken the asian world by storm. One of the few Korean brands to have set up store fronts outside of Korea, Etude House has incredibly cute packaging coupled with beautiful products.

    I picked up this hand cream while I was doing my monthly haul from Gmarket. I don’t usually have anything in mind when I buy from Gmarket. I buy anything that looks interesting and cute. The best part is that the low prices allows me to such luxury. So when I saw this lot up for grabs….

    Can’t walk past that. Nope. So I picked one. It was very hard to pick but I eventually closed my eyes and picked the Harp Seal.

    And then I found this on the side of the box after I received mine:

    This is the Harp Seal Story

    Our endangered animal friends are rapidly becoming extinct from the planet… I really want to see you… I miss you!

    Hi~ I am Harp Seal
    I live near the Artic Ocean, love to play in the snow and sunbathe.

    Kill me now. How much cuter can this get? (The box was made from 100% recycled paper too. Love.)

    Okay, so how about the actual hand cream itself?

    To begin with, there’s not very much of it. Only 30ml. But the price isn’t huge to begin with, and I wouldn’t be surprised if much of the cost was from the packaging. Here’s what I thought of it:

  • Beautiful and sturdy packaging
  • Hand cream does what its supposed to do – moisturized hands beautifully.
  • Not wow!amazing, but not bad either.
  • Would I repurchase? No, but I’m going to buy the other 3 in the series. I think once you have finished the hand cream, it’d be a perfect container for you to put small quantities of your favourite cream or lotion. How cute would these be on your dresser in a row?

    Review: It’s Skin – Macaron Lip Balm

    Product: Lip Balm
    Brand: It’s Skin
    Price: $5.55 usd
    Buy from: Gmarket

    Macarons have taken Melbourne by storm. Everywhere you see new cafes and patissieries popping up offering their own twist on macarons. Too be honest, I’m quite tired of it by now, and after trying so many different macarons, I still think the ones made by Violet were the best I’ve ever eaten.

    But macaron lip balms are a completely different thing. I adore food and cosmetics packaged to look like food? Oh, come to mumma!!

    Here’s the original photo taken from the sales page:

    Adorable. I couldn’t leave this alone, I had to buy it! So into my shopping cart it went. I purchase the strawberry and green apple flavours and have been using them on and off since I received them earlier this week.

    What I think:

  • Incredible price point.
  • Adorable packaging
  • Does its job beautifully as a lip balm
  • Non-greasy
  • Smells and taste faintly of the flavour it’s meant to be.
  • Scent does not linger – big tick!

    Sold? Hell yeah, I’m sold. I want to purchase heaps more so I can give them out to friends! I think they’d make amazing little gifts. If you have a chance, do get some for yourself too! If enough people request for it, I’ll put up a page on how to purchase from gmarket.

    What do you think, would you buy them?

  • Review: Kiss Me Sunkiller BB Cream

    I love BB creams. I hardly use foundations these days, preferring instead the lightness of BB creams. BB cream is a very distinctly asian cosmetic product, but if you don’t know what BB Cream is, you can have a look at Ponikuta‘s BB Cream 101 or Violet Le Beaux‘s explanation on what BB cream is.

    I have a slight obsession with BB creams, is what I believe I should have started with. I collect them. Every month I buy at least 2-3 different BB creams. I doubt I’ll ever finish them but I just love them so much!

    I’ll start reviewing the ones I use and heading up the huge collection is the Kiss Me Sunkiller BB Cream.

    About the Product:
    According to Sasa.com, the Kiss Me Sunkiller BB cream contains ultra-fine nano sunblock particles to block UV rays. The high SPF (50+!) blocks UVB and prevents skin irritation.
    The PA+++ that it contains also blocks UVA and protects against darkening and aging.

    The natural skin tone colour of the BB Cream allows it to be used as a liquid foundation. It conceals freckles, pores and some wrinkles, leaving skin delicate-looking.

    It contains hyaluronic acid, collagen and Lipidure, a moisturizing factor, to fully care for the skin. The non-greasy formula provides long-lasting hydration.

    It is highly sweat-proof, waterproof and sebum-proof. It does not have the bad odour that normal sunblock has. And it does not contain perfumes or artificial colourants.

    What I found

    • The BB Cream is so liquid compared to the other BB Creams I’ve used. Really doesn’t strike me as a BB Cream, more like a sunscreen.
    • It was incredibly drying for me. I didn’t like the feel of it on my face at all. I couldn’t feel it on as it’s really light but I could feel it drying out my skin.
    • One good thing about the drying factor – I didn’t feel that my face got oily at all during the day and I do have a rather oily complexion especially on hot days.

      Did I like it?

      Not so much. I won’t repurchase and think I will only be using these on the days my face feels really moisturized.

      I purchased mine from Easy Cafe in Melbourne’s China Town. They have a row of little glass boxes at the back of the bubble tea cafe for various people to sell their wares. This was mine for a total of 21.50aud.

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