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Fitness: Walking Morialta Park





I have been really trying to get fitter recently. I’m tired of being envious of other girls who seem to power on in the gyms. So for the last few months, it has been a lot of walks in the parks, 2.4km runs, daily workout videos…

I am 6 days from finishing my 50 days of exercise bet with the boy. We have a challenge going on right now that involves me doing daily exercise for 50 days, or lose 50 bucks. If there’s anything else I love more than food, I do believe that would be money. Not because money can buy happiness, no sirree. But because money can pay my bills. And that in itself is a contented type of happiness.

So far I have done…

  • 1-2 hour long walks in Morialta Park, Granite Island Walk, Para Wirra Recreational Park.
  • The entire 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels
  • A couple of days of the Fithoop DVD with the 1.5kg weighted Fithoop
  • The first week of Ripped in 30 by Jillian Michaels
  • 2.4km runs
  • Rock Climbing

Since starting exercising daily, I can now do:

  • Tricep Dips
  • Military style push ups
  • Jumping lunges
  • Run for 400m before having to slow to a fast walk to catch my breath

Weight loss: Zero. (Daily intake based around a 1200 calorie diet)

Sigh. Guess I will just have to keep on going!

What’s in a Brand – Natasha Bate from Fithoop, hooping your fats away.

I recently came across this interesting fitness routine – hula hoop your way to tighter abs and a better body. I was so lacking in motivation, I was grabbing at straws to rekindle my love for training. (I do have it, it just doesn’t… stick around for very long.)

Then twitter came to the rescue. K mentioned Fithoop. Hula hooping? But not just hula hoops, a weighted hula hoop. Really? Now I’m really interested.

I did a bit of research into it, got really quite intrigued. I knew I had my big race of the year City 2 Bay – 6km coming up, and I really want to beat my personal best this year. My usual routine with Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred was starting to bore me to tears and I wasn’t quite ready to go tackle Tracy Anderson yet. I needed something fun, something that was easy to ease me back into it. And looking at these hoops, I felt like I was looking at my solution. But here’s the thing with me, I always feel like anything new is the solution, anything bit quirky, bit fancy and was this really it?

So I got in touch. I spoke with Fithoop, I spoke with Natasha, the owner of Fithoop and I asked her all the burning questions I had about her, Fithoop, and whether or not this was going to work. Read on to find out more:

Before we begin, please share a little bit about yourself. Who are you and why did you start on this journey of fitness?

To date my career has been in the banking and finance industry, both here in Australia and in the UK and Belgium. I’ve always had swings and roundabouts with my exercise commitment and love trying new things to keep me motivated and fit in around work, friends etc. I’m very inspired to lead an active life and eat right but it’s hard to stay on track all of the time! I spent Christmas last year in Denmark visitng my partner’s family and friends and all of the girls were into using a weighted fitness hula hoop for their core workout and as an easy cardio routine in the cold winter months. I loved it the first time I tried it and knew it was going to help me with my problem areas whilst keeping a smile on my face and something I could do in front of the tv – perfect!

C: Something to do in front of the TV is definitely good, but I have my treadmill in front of the TV too, doesn’t seem to help much!

If abs were something you were after, why not develop a good ab machine? Why the Fithoop in particular?

It was never my intention to pursue a career in fitness but when the Fithoop concept came it definitely ignited a passion for me – now every day I’m doing something healthy or active to achieve a happy balanced lifestyle. I almost bought an ab circle pro machine last year but realised it would sit in the living room or under the stairs and wouldn’t get any use – I’d much prefer to be fithooping in front of my favouite tv shows or whilst checking facebook on my iphone along to some great music.

So how does Fithoop compare to other exercises and workouts such as Zumba, Aerobics and other types of physical activity?

Using a weighted hula hoop has been proven to burn as many calories as boot camp or very brisk walking so as a cardio workout it’s right up there! As a core strength workout it adds a real intensity that’s easier to obtain than numerous crunches or planks.

C: And we all know how hard it is to keep going at crunches after awhile. Ow.

Fithoop comes in two different weight sets. 1.2kg and 1.5kg. Pictured here is the 1.2kg Fithoop.

After watching the videos on Fithoop, I’m excited to try it out and yet a little intimidated. They make it look so easy, but I just know I’m going to fail at this! What are your best tips for a beginner?

The great thing about fithoop is it’s for all ages, sizes and genders – you’ll be surprised how easy it is to keep up first try as the weight adds to the stability and ensures you don’t have to move fast and crazy like with a kid’s plastic hula hoop. We’ve only had few customers that haven’t been able to keep their fithoop swinging first go and the trick is to try different stances with your legs – one in front of the other vs side-to-side and also give one big swing at the beginning and then try to use a forward-and-back motion rather than side-to-side or circular.

C: I’ve actually tried the Fithoop after reading these tips, wow, Natasha is right. The weight definitely helps keep the hoop up, oddly enough.

As with everything, there are skeptics for everything. To those who point at you and say: “That’s a gimmick! It’s just a hula hoop!”, what would you say to them?

I’d say try the fithoop for 5 minutes and tell me you don’t feel it working your abs and a leaves you a little breathless! It’s a very instant feeling of strength and engagement of your core, it will get your heart racing and most importantly it makes you want to fit at least 10mins of exercise into every day. There are plenty of other gimmicky ab equipment on the market but eventually they all end up in the cupboard or on ebay. Put your fithoop next to your tv and apart from looking very stylish it will make you get up in the adbreaks and burn some calories!

C: Well said, Natasha! Whoop!!

I love the saying “a 1 hour workout is 4% of your day” as this means a 15-minute fithoop session is only 1% of your day

So what’s it like being in your shoes? Can you describe a typical day of being you?

I’m always on the go and never sit still for too long, even in my office job I am up and down all day meeting with colleagues, grabbing a coffee across the road. I use my lunchbreaks to go for a power walk to the shops, grab things for dinner, try on new clothes etc. I do 2-3 group fitness classes a week and use these as a chance to catch-up with friends, rather than always meeting for bad food and wine – my favourites are hot yoga and Body Attack, I also do Tracey Anderson dance cardio and other dvds every other morning after my 10-minute morning fithoop session. By the time I get home I’m usually quite exhausted but before hitting the couch I grab my fithoop, put on a playlist and hoop for 20-mins whilst finishing my emails for the day on my iphone and planning for the next day ahead. This is a great stress releiver and most importantly ensures I feel good about having fit some exercise in and negate any naughties I may have treated myself to during the day!

C: *whistles* Can you believe this woman? Emailing while hooping? Nuts. I can barely take my mind off my sore abs, and she’s emailing away while hooping. Major respect!

Lastly, what sort of eating habits should one be having while working with the Fithoop?

We don’t recommend any specific diet or eating plan with the fithoop but do try to provide articles of interest and tips on how to acheive a flat belly. I believe it’s all about balance and variety so I chop and change ideas and follow different tips and trends all the time.

Thank you very much, Natasha! Definitely was an interesting interview. Having tried out the Fithoop for a little while myself, I can guarantee that you will feel it on your abs for sure. Plus it does take a bit of skill to keep it up. But do you know what it was as well? It was fun! So much so that I want to keep trying, keep going and keep working out.

You can keep up with Fithoop on their blog or tweet them at @fithoop to get your hula hoop fix today!