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Review: It’s Skin – Macaron Lip Balm

Product: Lip Balm
Brand: It’s Skin
Price: $5.55 usd
Buy from: Gmarket

Macarons have taken Melbourne by storm. Everywhere you see new cafes and patissieries popping up offering their own twist on macarons. Too be honest, I’m quite tired of it by now, and after trying so many different macarons, I still think the ones made by Violet were the best I’ve ever eaten.

But macaron lip balms are a completely different thing. I adore food and cosmetics packaged to look like food? Oh, come to mumma!!

Here’s the original photo taken from the sales page:

Adorable. I couldn’t leave this alone, I had to buy it! So into my shopping cart it went. I purchase the strawberry and green apple flavours and have been using them on and off since I received them earlier this week.

What I think:

  • Incredible price point.
  • Adorable packaging
  • Does its job beautifully as a lip balm
  • Non-greasy
  • Smells and taste faintly of the flavour it’s meant to be.
  • Scent does not linger – big tick!

    Sold? Hell yeah, I’m sold. I want to purchase heaps more so I can give them out to friends! I think they’d make amazing little gifts. If you have a chance, do get some for yourself too! If enough people request for it, I’ll put up a page on how to purchase from gmarket.

    What do you think, would you buy them?

  • Latest Haul – Gmarket, Priceline, By Terry, Clinique and Face of Australia

    When you are doing online shopping, it’s easy to go overboard. I thought I was being good last month. But now I look at what I have that’s ‘new’, I think being good just wasn’t quite in my mind. Let’s try and forget about the other parcels that are on the way yes…?

    Ever since I first saw the preview for Benefit’s b.Right! skincare range I have been dying to get my hands on them. It wasn’t being released yet in the Australia because we are slow (as usual) so I picked up the facial emulsion when I made an ASOS order. I haven’t started using it because I am hoping to get other items in the range before I test them out together. But oh the packaging, I could just sit and stare at it all day. Such a beautiful piece of artwork!

    Gmarket is the source of all my asian cosmetics. There are still things I can’t buy off it and while I do turn to other websites for some of my other asian cosmetics needs, gmarket fills much of that need.

    What I love about gmarket isn’t just the low prices. But it’s the incredibly adorable packaging. Look at my macaron lip balms! the seal hand cream! The beautiful lippy! I love, love, love pretty packaging and asian cosmetics never, never fail to give me that.

    Reviews to come, in fact, the macaron lip balm should be up today!

    And when I went for #ABBM, we went by Priceline. I couldn’t help but pick up Sally Hansen’s Kwik off after reading raving reviews about it. Of course then I noted that Revlon had brought in their new glosses… and one thing led to another. Having said that, the Kwik Off has to be the best buy I’ve made in a while. I don’t know how I’ve been living without it!!

    The Revlon Lip gloss can be blamed on advertising. I fell prey to a shiny magazine ad and the mascara that came with it was a priceline offer “buy 1 get 1 free mascara” for Revlon.

    I haven’t used the gloss nor mascara yet but I’m looking forward to trying them out. The gloss especially is an exceptionally beautifully colour. I have to admit that I’m still smarting a little from the 22 aud price tag though. I guess I just don’t like the idea of paying quite so much for a drug store brand!

    Clinique! Not a brand I frequent but it seems to be changing recently. I recently won one of their friday twitter competitions and got this as a prize. Perfect. My pores have been shrinking gradually with the usage of By Terry’s cleanser and toner, but they are still there! Hopefully this will fix the problem. Have any of you use it ? How did you find it?

    And while we are on that topic, have you tried any other brand’s serums? I know a few of us crafty beauty bloggers have started making DIY serum, but I don’t think that’s a road I’ll be able to go down. Chemistry was never my best subject!

    So if you have any other serums that you find helpful, please do let me know.

    Hooray, this was my haul from the Face of Australia’s goodie bag for #ABBM may. I love FoA for being so very generous!! Plus I love their items a fair bit so I’ve gone out and purchased some of their items in order to hold a giveaway for the blog. Do watch out for it!!

    I have saved the best for last. The #ABBM girls were amazing and gifted me this at the last #ABBM. The tell-tale pink box was enough to get me squealing! This is lip balm royalty. The gentle rose scent is intoxicating and I adore it so so much. A more in depth review to come, but let me assure you, I adore it!!

    Phew. This was a long post. I have a couple of Sephora orders coming in and a Coastal Scents order. Then I think I’m done. Think.

    I do believe it’s time for that shopping ban to kick into place!!