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Experiencing Guinot’s Hydraclean Facial – 30 minutes for a new face!

I’m not new to the world of facials. I’ve done quite a number now, but it wasn’t till this year that I started really paying attention to what facials do for me. Like, really do.

I used to think facials were a bit of a fluff. A waste of money. Why would you want to pay a small fortune just so somebody else could wash your face for you? But the truth is, facials are not just that. It is a lot, a lot more. After experiencing the Guinot Hydraclean facial, I can definitely tell you that facials have won me over and with a good facial, it is worth every cent.

Let’s talk a little bit about Guinot. Guinot is a French skincare brand with a name that I often forget how to pronounce. Founded in 1963 by Rene Guinot (a chemical engineer!) , it found its way into my heart sometime last year. I was especially enamoured by their spray on sun-screen, which I will be telling you all about, once summer gets here again. (But if you really want to know, don’t wait for my tales, go buy it! They are amazing and can be found here.


Anyways, I digress. Back to the facial.

Sometime ago in May, I was invited (along with some of the other Adelaide beauty bloggers) to learn more about Guinot and to experience the hydraclean facial. This is a deep cleansing treatment that is touted to give you clear and radiant skin in just 30 minutes. Big claims, so we were here to put it to the test.

Our venue host for the night was AJ Skin Consultants and I was quite taken by the quaint little cottage the salon was based in. Inside, it was cozy and quite serene, which is befitting for a beauty salon. Take note of the names, ladies! For if you are after a Guinot hydraclean facial, this salon will soon become your best friend.


Onto this miracle facial.

The facial is a 2 step treatment. Namely:

Step 1. A deep cleanse using a thermoclean electrode heating up to 42°c to stimulate deeper into the skin, this is used in conjunction with guinot skincare products specifically selected to suit your skin.
Step 2. A massage which aids drainage and restarts the skin micro-circulation. The massage is carried out with a serum which contains Allantoin and Witch Hazel Extract.

It sounds simple, but really, there are many steps to the procedure. I was amazed by the amount of care and detail my therapist for the night, Laura, went into. She was gentle and made sure that I was feeling at ease all the time. Much care was taken as well to ensure that the heat of the electrode at 42°c was not too hot for me to handle. The entire experience was really quite blissful and even with all the girls crowded around my bed staring intently at my face full of pores, I felt quite relaxed!

And for the curious cats playing at home, the reason for the heated thermoclean electrode is so the sweat glands are activated and triggered into a state of hyper secretion. This allows for the pores to be cleaned and toxins to be gotten rid of. The heat also aids the treatment products and allows deeper penetration. This results in clearer, brighter and a more hydrated skin. And all this happens in 30 minutes. Whoosh!


I’m going to put it out there right now, I was skeptical. The hydraclean facial is a 30 minutes facial, what exactly can be achieved in that 30 minutes? Miracles don’t normally happen to me, so I was skeptical as to whether or not I would see a difference. After a day’s worth of work, my skin looked the way I felt, tired, rough and ready for bed. If there was a good time to really test out the limitations of the facial’s capabilities, this would be it.

I feel a little like one of those chefs on cook shows: “And after 30 minutes, you open the oven door and ….”

But in this case, it’s not the oven door being opened, nor is it a cake being baked. It is my face, being cleansed of its dirty toxins and breaking free fresh and radiant – or did it? See for yourself:


To say I’m enthralled is an understatement. 30 minutes later, and my skin has emerged a new person. It was visibly more radiant, cleaner, and I positively glowed. The hydration was unmistakable, and my skin just looked so plump and bouncy, much like a baby’s bottom! And it wasn’t just me who saw the difference. The other beauty bloggers present all expressed their disbelief at the 360° change my skin had gone through. Apparently my skin could look alive, who woulda thunk.

So, ladies, if you need a quick pick-me-up, forget the booze and the coffee. Hop into AJ’s and get yourself a Guinot Hydraclean Facial. It will be the best lunch break you ever had. Seriously.

AJ Skin Consultants

64B King William Rd
Hyde Park South Australia 5061
(08) 8272 6999

Facial experience provided for consideration – no monetary compensation was given in exchange for my rambling words.

Review: Guinot’s Epil Confort After Hair Compact Deo – BO Begone!

Product: Deodorant
Brand: Guinot
Price: $21.00
Buy from: Approved Guinot Stockist such as Adore Beauty Online

This post is hard to write. Because I have never confessed this to anybody other than Kev. And even then, I was really reluctant to tell him and it took a great amount of convincing before I muttered it to him some years ago.

But the truth is…

I have body odour.


It’s not from want of showering, mind you. I’m as fanatic about hygiene and cleanliness as they come, but if I start sweating, within minutes I have body odour. Bang!

It started when I was 13 years old. I started having body odour everytime I sweat and I didn’t understand it. I was ashamed of it and my parents did nothing to help me with it. They noticed the body odour but instead of teaching me that it was a natural body reaction and pointing me to the deodorant aisle, they used to make a big deal out of it and used to say I stank out the car. Complete with winding down of windows and blasting of air conditioners. Yup. So I learnt that having body odour was something shameful and I hated myself for it so much that now everytime I smell the slightest hint of it, I get the most horrific headache. Fun.

These days, I’m much more aware of what body odour is and I’m very sensitive to it. I’m tuned into it and I remove myself from situations with other people in it if I even get a whiff of it. I’ve been assured by Kev that other people can’t actually smell it, and it’s just me being hyper sensitive, but it still bugs me. I don’t allow people to get near me, and have been known to yell at Kev for trying to give me a hug because I could smell my own body odour. I didn’t want anybody near me, and it was driving me insane. Deodorants help a bit but a lot of deodorant smells give me a headache and also don’t work really well enough to curb the anxiety.

*deep breath* That was hard to type. But I have a reason to share it.

Recently I came across something that I think will stop this anxiety of mine forever. Or at least till the product runs out. So if you have delicate issues like this, you might want to listen up.

Guinot is a relatively new brand to me. I started paying attention to their products around April this year but never really tried anything from them till recently. When their Epil Confort range was introduced to me I was intrigued. Wary, but intrigued. I’m not a big fan of deodorants because too many have claim to do more than what they truly can. And the Deo Compact Epil Confort claims to be anti-odour, anti-hair growth, and anti-perspiration at the same time. Yeah, right.

Ingredients in this deodorant are as follow:

Bulbaine: a combination of papaya and lemon, to slow down hair growth and lighten the hair.
Sensive: Inhibits the growth of bacteria which are the cause of odour.
Honey suckle: This active ingredient has a fungicide effect (fights against yeast) and antibacterial
Zinc Complex: A natural ingredient which has an anti-perspirant effect.
Esculoside: An extract from Horse Chestnut which limits sweat secretions.

Gibberish to me, but hopefully it means something to somebody!

I tried it anyways, hoping that it’d work. I’m desperate for anything to work, really. I’m rather tired of having this never ending list of things I’m anxious and nervous about!

And the conclusion? In short: IT WORKS!

Here’s what I think in a nutshell:

  • Two sprays in the morning, or anytime really, and that’s all is needed for it to work.
  • I have this on when I do my shred challenge and I can be sweating like a pig all over but my underarms stay nice and dry.
  • No body odours, no smell! The spray itself has a nice, fresh smell to it and doesn’t give me a headache.
  • The bottle is nice and small, and it’s rather cute too. This means I don’t feel stupidly self conscious if I have to pull it out in front of other people. (Not that I would, but it’s still a concern.)
  • I travel with this everywhere now. I can’t get enough of it, and I can’t live without it anymore. Move over, deodorants from other brands. I have a new found love.
  • It claims to slow hair regrowth – this is the only thing I didn’t see results of. But my underarm hair does grow at a shocking rate.

  • Do you know how amazing it feels to not have to worry you are stinking up the place? Not to feel like the world is glaring at you when you walk into a room because you’ve just brought this whiff of body odour with you? I’ve been told that mine doesn’t actually smell that bad, just ‘interesting’. But I hate it all the same because it makes me feel self-conscious, and I feel like I’m just a stink bomb when I have body odour. This is all, very fortunately a thing of the past! Hooray!

    So thank you to Guinot, you’ve really help me.

    Would I repurchase? Are you kidding? Why wouldn’t I? I’m stuck. For life. Until they discontinue this product. I don’t really care that it doesn’t seem to have the magic anti-hair growth effect on me. That’s minute compared to the confidence I feel and the lack of body odour I now sport. So yes, this is mine for life.

    p/s: I don’t know why the products we get in oz from this line are more pink than red. But it’s the same product.

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    Product was sent for my consideration (especially after hearing of my dilemma) but opinions are my own