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Personalized lip balms – absolutely brilliant idea.

Recently I was alerted to a brilliant idea. A brilliant idea that I wish I had thought about myself and earlier. But I was too oblivious and apparently do not own a creative brain anymore so I never thought about the possibility of having personalized lip balms.

But of course! Why wouldn’t you want personalized lip balms? They make for the most perfect party favours, gifts and business cards. Oye. I really do wish I had thought of this sooner!

My printer won’t work currently, the ink is rather yuck as I have been stingy and buying pirated ink. Ahem. So I can’t exactly print my own labels. But Natural Lip Balm can.

There’s a few reasons as to why I’m sharing this with you today.

1. Christmas is coming, so here’s a brilliant christmas present idea.
2. Natural Lip Balm is an aussie based company. I may not be born an Aussie but I will always try my best to support Aussie. I truly love this country.
3. Natural lip balms – from only natural ingredients, in a myriad of flavours. Need I say more?

I received one in the mail as a sample. As it was a sample, I didn’t have any say in the look of the label. I was pleasantly surprised to see my face on it. I’m not sure if I’d want my face on any of the lip balms I might make in the future, but with this one, there’s no mistaking whose lip balm that is!

I have my finger over the lip balm in one of the photos as I’m covering up my phone number. Don’t want my phone number out there, sorry!

The label is printed beautifully. The colours are true and I swear I look prettier on the label than I do in real life. I love that they had picked colours from my layout to form the basis of the label and I especially adored the fact that the label is an effective seal on the lip balm as well. Absolutely beautiful.

You can’t fault the packaging. It has my face on it.

As for the lip balm itself, here’s what I think:

  • The texture is beautiful. Can’t fault it.
  • It wasn’t greasy, love! I hate greasy lip balms.
  • The vanilla flavour was a tad strong. Minus points for this.
  • It kept my lips moisturized for a fair few hours.
  • Eco-friendly, all natural ingredients, I couldn’t ask for better.

  • Don’t wait. I think you even need to run as it’s getting a little close to Christmas and they do need a few weeks to process the orders. But I definitely suggest you give Natural Lip Balm a call or an email to get a quote on personalized lip balms this Christmas. I just solved all your Christmas presents dilemma for you. You’re welcomed.

    Tell Monique I sent you. She’ll take care of you!

    **Product was sent for consideration, opinions are my own and not some sea monkey’s**

    Review: EOS Lip Balm

    Product: Lip Balm
    Brand: EOS
    Price: 3.29 usd
    Buy from: Eos Online

    I’ve never heard of EOS before my friend sent me this lip balm to try. EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth and according to their website the other products they have are hand lotion, body lotion, shave cream and a lip balm stick.

    I must be the only one because when I produced this little green sphere during a recent casual dinner with some of the #ABBM girls, they chimed in saying “EOS!” Obviously, my knowledge in ‘smooth’ was lacking.

    So as I was saying, my friend sent me this. She said it was non-greasy and swore by it. Colour me intrigued and since I seem to be on a lip balm kick recently, why not try more?

    I adore the packaging. This little sphere is adorable! It just doesn’t strike me as a lip balm on first glance but that’s the beauty of it. The top screws off to reveal the lip balm that’s also sphere shaped. Rather minds me of a half-peeled hard boiled egg. Mmm.

    So how did the lip balm itself fare?

    Here’s what I liked about it:

  • Non-greasy
  • Easy application
  • Compact size
  • Refreshing scent!

  • Here’s what I didn’t like about it:

  • Didn’t help my very chapped and flaky lips

  • Whoops. Okay, I must point out that I’ve had very chapped lips recently. I think it’s due to the fact that I haven’t been drinking enough water. But it’s hard to drink water that’s freezing cold because your surroundings are freezing cold. So I find myself reaching for my water bottle a lot less as I don’t have the luxury of warm drinkable water at work.

    Having said that, while it hasn’t worked for me, I’ve had quite a few people who have told me that it works beautifully for them. Maybe I just have really chapped lips. Sigh, winter, what have you done to me?

    And on that subject, I will be sharing a few recipes for DIY lip scrubs soon!

    Review: By Terry’s Baume de Rose

    Product: Lip Balm
    Brand: By Terry
    Price: $100 aud
    Buy from: Mecca Cosmetica

    So my love affair with By Terry continues. If you haven’t heard me going on about this brand yet, then I hope you are ready for your ears (or eyes!) to be gushed off.

    I fell in love with By Terry thanks to Mecca Cosmetica. It wasn’t a sales pitch, there was nobody breathing down my neck to try it. But it was a magical force, a magnetic field, like a bug being drawn to light (and its subsequent death)… I fell in love head over heels with the pure elegance of By Terry. It was luxury.

    You will remember that I first mused about my lemming for this brand which then led to my first purchase from the brand. The price was out there, but there was no regrets. I still stand by my review. I love it.

    But By Terry is no ordinary brand. By Terry is for the lady who needs the purest of luxuries. By Terry is for the lady who loves to pamper herself. The By Terry lady to me, is beautiful, sexy and can be seen laying on a bed of fur and feathers in a manner that makes you want to eat her. This might just be my crazy imagination at work, but this is what By Terry entails to me.

    It’s a whole lot of fluff to say, oh how I love you By Terry.

    So you can imagine how my eyes lit up, and how I tried to squeal but the squeal kinda got stuck in my throat because I was so touched beyond belief and how it took all kinds of iron-man willpower to not burst into tears when I received this lip balm from mah girls. Thank you all of you.

    Enough rambling. Here’s what I think of the oh-so-romantically-named Baume de Rose

  • Luxurious packaging
  • A soft beyond belief texture that is both rich yet creamy.
  • Intoxicating but yet still subtle scent of roses.
  • As a lip balm, it unfortunately didn’t do very much for my dry lips.
  • On the plus side, it wasn’t sticky nor greasy after use.
  • It contains SPF – big tick!

  • The Baume de rose is supposed to be a multi-protective and nutri-replenishing SOS treatment to enhance and strengthen lips, nails and cuticles. I have not tried it on my nails nor cuticles yet, and am not sure if I ever want to. I adore the texture it has and I do think that on a day where my lips aren’t too badly chapped, this would do amazingly. But with my recent sickness and winter turning down the temperature a whole notch, this hasn’t been working as well as some of my other lip balms. I do think that in summer however it will be amazing.

    Would I repurchase? My heart says yes but my wallet says no. I was lucky enough to be gifted this one, but $100 aud for a lip balm (even if it claims to be multi-protective and is a SOS treatment) is still hella steep. So for that reason, I’m going to savour this and really enjoy it every time I use it and dread the day I run out of it!

    What do you think? Is this a product you would buy for yourself?

    Review: It’s Skin – Macaron Lip Balm

    Product: Lip Balm
    Brand: It’s Skin
    Price: $5.55 usd
    Buy from: Gmarket

    Macarons have taken Melbourne by storm. Everywhere you see new cafes and patissieries popping up offering their own twist on macarons. Too be honest, I’m quite tired of it by now, and after trying so many different macarons, I still think the ones made by Violet were the best I’ve ever eaten.

    But macaron lip balms are a completely different thing. I adore food and cosmetics packaged to look like food? Oh, come to mumma!!

    Here’s the original photo taken from the sales page:

    Adorable. I couldn’t leave this alone, I had to buy it! So into my shopping cart it went. I purchase the strawberry and green apple flavours and have been using them on and off since I received them earlier this week.

    What I think:

  • Incredible price point.
  • Adorable packaging
  • Does its job beautifully as a lip balm
  • Non-greasy
  • Smells and taste faintly of the flavour it’s meant to be.
  • Scent does not linger – big tick!

    Sold? Hell yeah, I’m sold. I want to purchase heaps more so I can give them out to friends! I think they’d make amazing little gifts. If you have a chance, do get some for yourself too! If enough people request for it, I’ll put up a page on how to purchase from gmarket.

    What do you think, would you buy them?

  • Review: Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm

    Product: Lip Balm
    Brand: Maybelline
    Price: $3.95
    Buy from: Selected priceline, kmarts and big w.

    Maybelline was running a promotion a few weeks back and sent out a sample of their newest lip balm releases to me as a result of said promotion. I’m not really a lip balm person, in fact now that I think about it, I have never bought a single lip balm in my life. All the lip balms I have were gifts from various friends. Wow.

    *sits in corner quietly contemplating this*

    That would explain my chapped lips. Hrm.

    Anyways, as I was saying, I received the Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm and have been testing it on and off since. And truth is, it works. It works brilliantly. Horribly chapped lips, swipe on the lip balm and within the hour, my lips are soft again.

    Plus there’s the packaging. I’m loving the whole retro look that’s going on, the unlikely garish combination of colours and the grunge looking font. Very eye catching, I like. Not to mention that satisfying click when you push the lid close. Ahhhhh. And it comes in four different flavours, just in case anti-oxidant berry isn’t quite your thing. It also comes in Energizing Orange, Smoothing Cherry and Menthol.

    Rather glad that the sample I got wasn’t cherry or menthol. For one, I don’t much like cherry, for another I already have a mint lip balm from NYX. Menthol would be rather too alike so I was quite happy with my anti-oxidant berry!

    But it’s not all rainbows and sunshine with this product. My only gripe with it is that it feels rather greasy. It doesn’t look greasy, and definitely doesn’t give you the “hey, I just drank a bowl of oil” look, but it feels that way. And no, not all lip balms feel that way. The absolutely beautiful lipbalm K gave me doesn’t. So, yes. Bit too greasy for me. Sigh.

    One of these days, I’ll find a product that’s 100% perfect for me. One of these days.
    But don’t let that stop you. The greasiness is a personal preference and I highly recommend this product as it does its job to the T.

    Do you have a product you are 100% happy with?