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Rundle Mall Autumn / Winter Showcase : Outfit of the Day





Rundle Mall recently held an Autumn / Winter showcase and being a fraud of a fashion enthusiast, I dutifully trot myself down to Rundle Mall to see if I could learn how to style myself somewhat better this season.

My outfit was the product of a wild wardrobe tear through, punctuated with “I have nothing to wear!” and pleas of help aimed at the fashion savvy Sherry. She ended up piecing this together, and sent me off along with a pair of her ankle boots, only to see me pulling funny faces on Rundle Mall.

Once an idiot, always an idiot?

I am wearing…

  • Lava legs from Black Milk
  • Black tank top from Cotton On
  • Black sheer shawl from some shop in Melbourne
  • Arm party from Diva
  • Bag from Taobao
  • Boots on loan from Sherry

I still can’t believe I wore something that wasn’t a skirt or a dress to an event. *throws hands in air*

Trendy Thursday: Red Galaxy Leggings to rule the world.

Dirty mirror warning!

We are not perfect. I am not perfect. I have been so busy doing everything else, that I kept forgetting to clean my mirror. Uhm.

Anyways, here’s a simple outfit I wore when I visited the Neon Lobster Taquerie. You can’t really see them, but the Red Mary Janes are what I wear when I try new eateries these days. You know, Travelling in Mary Janes (my food blog.) Ha. Ha.

Top: Random shop in Malaysia || Leggings: Red Galaxy Leggings from Black Milk || Heels: Red Mary Janes from Myers

Remember to share an outfit of yours with me, every Thursday! A random reader will be featured on the facebook page, so get sharing! :D

Outfit: Cherry Blossoms to light up your day

One of my life long goals is to be more stylish. But I think to be stylish, you’ve gotta put in the effort. And for me, I’m just too lazy to put in the effort – you can see where the chain breaks down.

However, being friends with the lovely Sherry has taught me that one should always look stylish. Even while cleaning the house, so I’m going to try and work on putting in the effort.

cherry blossom black leggings

Every Thursday, I will share an outfit of mine. I’d love it if you shared an outfit of yours too!

I have many nice pieces (or so I’ve been told) but they never seem to see the light of day, as I’m too busy keeping them under wraps while I gallivant around in bogan wear. So that must change!

cherry blossom black leggings

If you’ve done an outfit post – please feel free to share it below, I’d love to see how you’ve paired your pieces together!

Top: Paige Flynn | Leggings: Black Milk

Black Milk: Rainbow Galaxy-ing my way to Melbourne.

I am finally getting my blogging mojo back. I find it slightly ironic that while I’m incredibly busy planning a blogging event, my blogging mojo takes a really unwelcomed holiday. I didn’t want it to go missing, but it went anyways.

Luckily, it’s back and after a short weekend away in Melbourne (for work, mind you), my mojo is now back and my inspiration is now overflowing. I wish I could take time off from work just to blog, but that will unfortunately have to wait till the school holidays. (During which, I run off to Sydney for another blogging event. Oye.)

I’ve loved Black Milk from afar for a very long time. But peer pressure is a bitch and when my girlfriends in Singapore started buying them, I knew that my wallet was doomed and I would finally cave. With that knowledge in mind, I reasoned that if I was going to cave sooner or later, I might as well make it sooner and buy myself some shiny leggings.

Pictured are my rainbow leggings from Black Milk. I’m no fashionista and I think my self-portrait skills are as bad as they come, and my hair is a mess after my flight and trekking halfway across Melbourne to get to my hotel. Still, you get some black milk loving, yo.

Will I ever learn how to dress mainstream? I think not.

Scarf: Forever New
Dress: Far East Plaza, Singapore
Leggings: Rainbow Galaxies, Black Milk, Brisbane.
Boots: Betts, Adelaide.