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The Road to Confidence: Bright Green Eyes

This is a sponsored post.

It’s been awhile since my last Road to Confidence post, and indeed it has been awhile since I had the time to sit down to play with my makeup collection. It’s so easy to just let everything fall to the wayside once life gets hectic. I know that when I got stressed back in September, my good eating habits all went poof!

Still, we gotta take the time to chill at some point, and so when Sherry came over last weekend, we took the time to play with makeup and this was the look that I ended up with. I have to warn you first that the lighting at my house was really quite bad, and since I’m too poor to get my photography lights right now, we’ve just had to go with what we had.

I fell in love with the look, to be honest. I had been inspired by the amazing Megan from Make Up Store who had the most beautiful eyes at our previous #ABBM and had vowed to try something similar. This was my take on it! I love those lashes as well. So incredibly soft and so crazily out there!

In fact, I loved it so much, I decided to film a video tutorial on it. Hope you enjoy!

Did you notice the little naughty thing I did in my video? I admitted to one of my biggest naughty moves of all time: I don’t use foundation or bb cream anymore.

Why? Because I don’t feel that I need to cover my skin up anymore.
How? Because I have been paying attention to skincare and actually cleaning my face properly.

Many girls tell me that they can’t possibly walk out without any makeup, but have a think about it. If you have good skin, why would you need foundation? So the key isn’t in getting amazing foundations, the key is in getting better skincare products. Simple, really.

I’ll leave you with a few more photos from the night. Not exactly the best, but hey, I had fun and that’s the main point right? Let me know if you decide to try this look, I’d love to see your version!

By the way, the giveaway date has been extended! Rafflecopter will once more be opened for entries till the 5th of November so if you haven’t entered, here’s your 2nd chance! Be quick as you aren’t going to get another chance after this!

I heart DIY: Being on trend with spikes – spikey goodness!

Ah, trends. I have never been a big fan of trends, but the trend for studs and spikes is growing on me. I think it’s all the DIY Fashion blogs I’ve been reading – they keep spiking and studding everything… so my hands got itchy.

Casting my eyes around my house, I was in search for anything I could spike or stud, any excuse for me to buy some spikes and join the trend. And then it struck me: my trusty grey bag!

That is also falling apart, so all the better for me to DIY and fix!

So here’s a quick tutorial I did up – though you don’t really need one, it’s so easy!


1 x item you want to spike / stud
1 x scissors (or anything sharp) to cut the fabric/leather with
1 x hole puncher (I used a small screwdriver to punch through the inner lining)
Spikes (Buy them here)


I used about 40 spikes doing this, so I still have heaps more to use. I’ll show you what else I use with them!

I also didn’t want to add spikes to other parts of the bag, since I’m not 100% rocking the spikey look. By just doing the bottom I’m adding in a little surprise element without it overtaking everything, hooray!

What do you think?

Outfit of the day:

Dress: Innocent World
Coat: Asos
Tights: Forever New
Bag: Gmarket
Boots: Betts

I Heart Organizing: Bathroom, Part 2 – Bunting Tutorial

Remember this dump of a bathroom? Ye-eah….

So last time, I did a quick fix by using a cute packaging to ‘cute-up’ my trash bin.

This time, I’m tackling something a little bigger…. the window!

My window is rather large and rather bare. I can’t hang curtains up since I can’t put holes into the walls necessary to hold curtain rods up, so I decided I’d do something slightly different.

Ta-dah! I made bunting! I’ve long adored the adorable garlands of flags that many seem to use to ‘cute-up’ an area. But not having much sewing skills nor the machine to do it on, I’ve put off making any for the longest time. I -could- have bought some, but what fun is that?

I decided enough was enough, this window was as good an excuse to make bunting as any! Bunting is fairly easy to make, but in case you were wondering I made a fairly easy and straightforward tutorial for you!

After that it was an easy matter of grabbing 3M hooks (or any easy-detachable stick-on hooks you have around the house) and hanging up the bunting. Easy peasy but super effective to ‘cute-up’ a room!

What do you think of my first attempt at bunting?

Stay tune every Monday for more DIYs!

Megan Harrison Makeup Masterclass

Last month, Megan Harrison, an established Melbourne makeup artist officially launched her makeup classes. If you are unfamiliar with Megan Harrison, have a pop by her website and be wowed by her amazing portfolio and extensive list of clients! I was rather fortunate to have been invited to a Masterclass event that Megan was holding in conjunction with the launch of her makeup classes and I couldn’t help being excited as I’m always keen to look for more ways to improve my makeup techniques.

I took advantage of the massive mirrors and took a quick Outfit shot sans footwear. Ah well, I did have knee height black boots on.

Here are the tips I took down from the day, hopefully you find some useful tips too.

  • Don’t use only facial wipes to remove makeup. You are only pushing makeup around.
  • Put moisturiser on with your fingers. This warms the product up and allows for better absorption.
  • Different primers do different things so make sure you use the right primer.
  • For instance: some fill in pores, some keep makeup on for longer, some primers are matte and can take away shine.
  • The only area that really needs primer is the Tzone.

  • Apply foundation the way you are most comfortable with – fingers will obtain a light coverage, brush will get medium coverage, and sponge will obtain a heavy coverage.
  • For a more subtle look, put your illuminator / highlighter on under foundation instead of on top.
  • Remember to put highlighter on before your powder.
  • No matter the product, blending is the key.
  • Use a fluffy brush for under-eye concealer.
  • Put your concealer on after foundation.
  • You can train your brows, just keep brushing them in the same direction for about two weeks.

  • When putting on bronzer, put it on in an upward circular motion.
  • Stop where the corner of the eye and mouth meet.
  • Blend your bronzer right back to the ear and hairline so it looks natural.
  • Contour cheeks and also under your jawline.
  • Use a fluffy brush to contour your nose. Blend down the side of your nose.
  • Always blend!
  • Blue eyes goes well with rust coloured / brown eyeliner; green eyes go well with plums, purples and hazel; brown eyes go well with gold, plums, and red based liners.
  • When applying mascara, always wiggle the brush at the root of your lashes and then bringing the brush up as slowly as you can.
  • Layer different mascaras if you have short lashes, put on a lengthening mascara first followed by a thickening mascara.
  • Smokey eyes refer to the technique in which you apply the makeup, not the colour. Feel free to use colours other than black!

  • It was definitely a helpful evening, and I learnt a fair bit. Megan was very clear and very helpful with her instructions and I do believe that anybody who signs up for her makeup classes will be in safe hands. For more information on her classes, please visit her class website.

    Thank you to Megan for the chance to participate in the masterclass!

    DIY: Earrings Display – as easy as 1,2,3!

    Earrings are such whimsical things. They can sit and twinkle from your ear lobe or they can dangle and catch the light and shimmer everytime you turn your head.
    I love earrings.

    In fact, they were the first piece of jewellery that I covet, and till now earrings hold something special in my heart.

    But I always have an issue. How do you keep them so that they don’t get tangled? Especially if you are like me and especially love the crazy long ones that dangle past your shoulders. They get tangled so so much!

    So here’s a tutorial on how to make a display for your earrings: it doesn’t just keep your earrings tangle free, they also allow you to show them off like the pieces of art they truly are!

    You will need:

    1x thumbtack
    Jewellery pliers

    1x cardboard with windows cut out
    (Make sure that the windows are longer than your dangle earrings!)

    Not pictured:

    1x silver chain (or any colour chain you’d like really)


    Step 1:
    Cut out windows from your cardboard as shown above.
    Make sure that your cardboad is fairly thick!
    If it’s soft, it won’t hold the weight of the earrings.

    Step 2:

    Measure out the length of chain you need.
    If you want your chain to be tight, you need to cut it slightly shorter than the width of the window.

    Step 3:

    Use a thumbtack to punch holes in the side of the cardboad.
    Try to punch the holes near the side of the window.

    Step 4:

    Attach the chain to the cardboad by hooking it up to the holes with jumprings!
    See why you need to punch right at the side now?

    Step 5:

    Repeat steps 2 – 4 for the rest of the windows
    And you are done! Technically.

    Step 6:
    This step is optional. But we are crafty people, so…

    ~* it’s time to decorate! *~

    This is what I did with mine. I wanted something simple and girly!
    Plus, I do have a heap of flowers and ribbons laying around..

    And there you have it!

    Your very own earring display, customized the way you want it to be,
    a work of art that’s functional to boot!

    How was that? Easy isn’t it?
    It takes about 10 minutes to do, and it’s so much fun!

    Perfect for the bedroom, the craft room, even the living room!
    Plus you can change the earrings around, so you can constantly update the piece of art.
    Or even put one next to the front door, so you can grab a pair just as you go out.

    The possibilities are endless…

    So try it out, and please do show me your results~~!
    Good luck! and Happy crafting!

    p/s: You can make it as large as you like, with as many windows as you like. It’s really up to you!

    Craft DIY – How to make a ring stand out of almost anything.

    Not many of you will know this but I’m actually a jewellery maker. I used to make adorable little jewellery pieces and sold them online, offline, everywhere and anywhere. You know those cute little craft markets you love to visit? I’d be there selling my wares.

    I’m pretty handy with my hands too. I see beauty in old things and I try to reuse things where possible. I hate waste, and I think repurposing is absolutely gorgeous anyways.

    So today I thought I’d share an old favourite of mine: how to make a ring stand out of virtually any container.

    Here’s a pretty terrible picture of my favourite ring stand that I made out of a cupcake stand. I’m quite proud of that little stand!

    Curious? Then read on!

    You will need:

    1x item you’d like to make into a ring display.
    (In this tutorial, it’s a baking tray, but anything with a bit of depth will work)

    1x foam fill
    You can buy bags of 4 pieces at spotlight. It will contain 2x thick, 2x thin pieces.
    The thick pieces are better, but the thin ones work too.

    1x piece of white felt (or any colour you want your display to be)
    1x scissors
    1x craft knife
    1x double sided tape


    Step 1: Cut the foam to size.

    Optional step: If your container is deep like my baking tray, don’t waste the leftovers!
    Use it to stuff the bottom so you don’t have a hollow base.

    Step 2: Check that it fits, trim the sides.
    (Sorry I was doing this in the kitchen..please don’t mind the messy kitchen table!)

    Step 3: Line double sided tape all down the foam.

    This is how it should look like after you are done. Remove the top layer of the tape.

    Step 4: Stick the felt on the top. Careful to make sure it’s flat and not wrinkly!
    Because my baking tray was longer than my felt pieces, I had to cut small strips to cover the edges.
    Aren’t those lines ugly?

    Step 5: Don’t like the lines? Decorate it to make it pretty then!
    Lines? What lines?
    Tuck the foam base back into the tray.

    (Sorry no photo for this!)
    Step 6: Pick up that craft knife and start cutting slits through the felt and the top of the foam.
    Make sure that the slits are wide enough to hold your rings.Usually 2-3 cm is fine.

    And there you have it!
    Your very own ring display!

    Here’s the one in the tutorial in action!

    You can decorate it more if you like, however I wanted mine to be recognizable as a baking tray. Also I didn’t really want to harm the baking tray in any permanent form. I still want that tray for baking purposes!

    So how was that? Easy, isn’t it? You can turn almost anything with a bit of depth into a ring display this way!

    My cupcake stand was slightly harder as we had to make it round, and had to punch a hole through the middle for the handle. But the technique was exactly the same. So take a look around you, what can you use to make into a ring display?

    I hope you found this tutorial useful. Hopefully I will be able to come back with future tutorials on how I keep everything around me pretty and beautiful!

    Styling with Violet – Braided Updo

    Oh hey look, here’s another episode of Styling with Violet. (Or Celeste, depending whose blog you are reading lol).

    This hairstyle is one of Violet’s favourite. It looks amazingly cute on her!! I wasn’t quite convinced it’d look the same on me, so she had to set out to prove me wrong. What do you think?

    If you’d like to see how to do it, remember to check out Violet’s video on it!

    Styling with Violet: Today we talk about hair.

    Violet does it again! This hairstyle has to be one of my favourites that she’s tried on me so far, and it’s so easy to do as well. I couldn’t help but put in a photo on top to show off my makeup for the day too. I really mucked it up big time since I was doing it in a rush but this photo was quite nice so I decided to share.

    But on to the point of the blog post. The hairstyle.

    It is a simple braid turned hairband. Very simple but really effective. Hairbands tend to give me a headache as it presses against my too-big-head so this was a pretty fool proofed way of having a pretty hairband without giving myself headaches. Perfect!

    And if you have black hair like me, adding that coloured extension really helps bring out the braid. I need to get my hands on some coloured extensions, I think. What do you think of a blue strand braided through my hair like thus?

    If you’d like to learn how to do this, do watch this video that Violet made of her lesson. If you don’t want to learn how to do it, watch it anyways because it’s an awesome video!

    And before I forget – this was done before I got my hair coloured so I think if I tried doing this style now, it’d be quite different!

    Thanks Violet!

    Styling with Violet : She teaches and I learn with Illamasqua

    Remember I’m a pretty big idiot when it comes to styling. I think it definitely contributes to my lack of self esteem and confidence in the way I look because I don’t know what to do with myself! I’m getting better in the makeup department, and slowly trying to grapple my way towards a better wardrobe, but hair? No freaking idea.

    Thankfully I have Violet to help me. If there’s anyone who can fix this walking style disaster that is me, it would be Violet.

    Sometime ago, Violet learnt that Illamasqua cream pigments could be used on hair. She demonstrated it here and while it was really pretty on her, a few of us were a bit skeptical as to whether it’d show up on black hair. And who has black hair for her to try it on?

    All in all, I was quite surprised! It does work on black hair so more power to Illamasqua! Is there anything this brand can’t do? I have to say I’m falling more and more in love with them everyday! I do realise the photo doesn’t show it very clearly but this is because we didn’t wait quite long enough before putting the hair straightener on it and it rubbed off. It was much more brilliantly purple before that!

    Look out for more Styling with Violet episodes as she keeps trying to show me and convince me that my hair isn’t the dead lifeless thing that I believe it to be!

    Get over yourself – the world doesn’t revolve around you.


    I’m sitting here in the dark, typing this out because I am quite literally shaking with stress, nervousness and anger.

    My head is filled with what if, how, when, who and all sorts of questions. Millions of questions running through my brain at lightning speed and I feel nauseous just trying to keep up with it. Hi work, thank you for making me feel this way.

    But this blog post will not be a rant. It will not be about how and why I am in this state. Instead, I want to channel this into something positive and talk about the anxiety that you feel when you are in such a state.

    Often when things happen, you start thinking : Was it you? Did you do something wrong? Did you offend, step on somebody’s toes, or said something you shouldn’t have? I often get guilty pangs such as these, especially at work. I am the Queen of not wanting to step on somebody’s toes after my childhood experiences (long, long stories with a lot of baggage there), so I absolutely hate and am horrified if I am even close to offending anybody.

    So when something goes down wrong, I am quick to blame myself. Damn, I did something wrong. Damn, I said something wrong. Damn, I must have offended. The anxiety starts, the stress starts, the cold sweat starts and I start feeling like I want to kill myself because gee, why am I so goddamn useless that I can offend somebody without realising?

    It sounds dramatic, but it’s very real.

    And here is the lesson I have to learn.

    The world does not revolve around you.

    I am not the center of the world. Not everything that happens is caused by me. Not everything that goes down wrong is my fault. Stop pointing at myself. Stop thinking it’s me, me, me, and start thinking about other people for a change.

    Maybe it’s not that you offended somebody. Maybe that person is having a bad day because their child is sick. Maybe it’s not that your colleague won’t work with you, maybe it’s because they just had a family member diagnosed with a very serious illness and they are feeling rather emotional. There are many reasons as to why things aren’t going the way they should, and it’s not always automatically your fault.

    Take a step back, take a deep breath. Even a glass of wine.

    Right before you panic, just remember that other people have feelings too that are governed by more than just you. Certainly, don’t push everything off to be something else’s fault, but don’t always be so quick to jump the gun to blame yourself.

    Now I just need to practice it.