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Road to Confidence: Be Fresh from Be. Winery



Remember this look?

I decided that I just had to try the one that looked the most-out-there first as I was feeling particularly adventurous yesterday. Plus, looking at the style cards just got me thinking of those Limecrime eyeliners I got an age ago. Experiment time? Why yes, sirree!

It just so happened that Sherry was around as well and there is nothing more relaxing than spending an afternoon with your girlfriend pretending to be makeup artists. She went for a more natural and effortlessly beautiful look, while me…. well. See for yourself.


I used:

  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette
  • LimeCrime Liquid Eyeliner in Citreuse and 6th Element
  • Tony Moly Liquid Black Eyeliner
  • False Lashes from Eylure (can’t remember which style)
  • Jane Iredale Purepressed Blush in Barely Rose
  • Innoxa Lovely Lips lipstick in Passionflower

Okay, granted, it is really quite different from the original inspiration. I actually think that this look is quite wearable if you left off the orange eyeliner from the bottom eye. What do you think? Would you try it?

If you’d like to try it, remember that there is a video tutorial that I have embedded above that can guide you through the step by step of the look. Truthfully, I didn’t follow it. I just went nuts on my face, as you can see.

I also didn’t use any foundation as… well… I really don’t use foundation or BB creams anymore. /lazy




Have a glass with me, and let me know what you think!

Check out Be Winery! Wine provided for consideration, I was not paid to play with makeup. (Would be cool if I was!)

FOTD: Rocking it bare.

I attended an event yesterday by Nads. Best laid plans, I ended up being so caught up with blogging that I put my schedule back by 30 minutes. I hate being late. I especially hate being late for an event. Anybody who drives with me will know that my patience is next to non-existant when I’m late for an event and there are stupid drivers on the road.

But I can’t go to an event as a beauty blogger without makeup. I just can’t. So I threw on as few products as I could. No face primer, no foundation… just the very bare basics that I cannot go without.

These photos were taken after the look was worn out for the whole day. You can see my pores since I hadn’t cover them up with primer or foundation. But thanks to U Little Beauty’s Vitamin C Serum (review soon!), my pores are mercifully not big gaping holes of doom.

I usually wear my looks with glasses. So all the looks I do up, need to be glasses friendly. Lashes are not very glasses friendly, I’m afraid. However, I must say that the Katy Perry Lashes by Eylure are incredibly glasses friendly. (I’m not wearing them here, but will review soon!)

Obligatory silly face shot. Have you guessed what were my essentials? I can tell you that there were 5 products that I used. Only 5! (Not inclusive of eyelashes and lash glue).

1. Urban Decay Primer Potion. review here
2. Face of Australia Liquid Eyeliner. review here
3. Australis Stay Put Long-lasting Retractable Eyeliner
4. Physicians Formula Glow & Mood Boosting Blush in Rose.
5. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Rum Richie (280).

What do you think? What are your bare essentials?

Road to Confidence: Sick as a Dog FOTD

You might remember that I was sick sometime back. I had a meeting that I couldn’t beg off so I attempted to use makeup to cover up how sick I looked and felt.
Looking at this photo, I think I succeeded!

I also like my hair in braids, but the only braids I know how to do are little girl braids down the front. I really suck at hair styling – who wants to volunteer as my stylist?

Tony Moly Eggpore Silky Smooth Balm
MAC BB Cream
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Hello Kitty Liquid Eyeliner
Clinique Milly Spring Palette for cheeks and eyes
Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm

Luckily I’m a lot better now. Hooray!

My Top 5s – Top 5 Cosmetic Brands

1. Face of Australia

A brand that flew under the radar till marketer extraordinaire Tinniepoo came onto the scene. High end cosmetics at budget store prices. Absolutely gorgeous limited edition nail polish collections, watch out for them! Celeste recommends picking up their: Liquid Eyeliner and Eye makeup remover.

2. Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown and myself share a similar philosophy. We believe that everybody is beautiful and everybody is gorgeous in their own way. I love that Bobbi Brown Cosmetics are of incredibly high standard. They are committed to being the best and are very handy for those of us who lean more towards neutral and subtle looks. Celeste recommends: Corrector and Concealer

3. Urban Decay

Filled with eye-popping colours, this quality brand is filled with enough colours to satisfy even the most colour-hungry makeup lover. And if that’s not enough, then take a dive into their shimmer filled eyeshadows. Breathtaking products with an amazing dare-to-do attitude. Celeste recommends: Every single eyeshadow palette you can get hold of and their 24/7 Glide on Eye pencils. They are da bomb. Oh, and don’t forget their eye primer either!

4. Benefit Cosmetics

With their love for vintage glamour and inspiration from the retro era, Benefit Cosmetics has to be one of the more eye-catching department store cosmetic brand there is. Their packaging is bright and colourful while others tend to go for the more toned down or black sleek look. Bugger that, it’s all fun and colour loving for this girl! Celeste recommends: Benefit Magic Ink.

5. Tony Moly

Tony Moly is a Korean cosmetic brand so I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of it. They have incredibly adorable packaging while still maintaining a high quality in their products. Their price range is about mid-range, so while it isn’t super cheap, it’s quite affordable still. The only downside being that you’d have to be in Korea, Taiwan, Singapore or Malaysia to shop from one of their outlets. Alternatively, get your head around Gmarket and you will be able to purchase it from them too. Celeste recommends: Eggpore or aka face primer

Celeste’s Top 5s are purely what they sound like – my own personal list of Top 5s at the current time of writing. Quick facts, no long personal stories, just a quick list of what’s hot and rocking right now.

Major Lemmings is back: Urban Decay – you have my soul

It’s no secret I love Urban Decay. You should have seen me pawing frantically at the screen in hopes of magically obtaining the 15th Anniversary items through the computer when they were first released.

I was looking at my very pathetic little Urban Decay stash earlier this week and sighing that I really wanted more then I remembered that Sephora’s Friends and Family sale was upcoming! So I got myself over to Urban Decay and started adding things to my wishlist.

Here’s what I’d like from Urban Decay:

Without a doubt, the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary eyeshadow collection. How shiny, how pretty, and how not-in-my-collection you are. Major lemming, for sure!

And if I can’t get the 15th Anniversary eyeshadow collection then the next best thing will be the Book of Shadows IV. Oh never mind, I want both. Yes, both please.

But you know what really gets my motor going? Liquid eyeliners. Yup, you know it. I really hope to see this under my christmas tree this December. Though I don’t know if I can wait that long, maybe I should just pick them up now.

Mm yes.. I think that’s what I’ll do… *trots off to a shopping service*

Day 9 of my makeup life – Patience vs Makeup

Read what this is about

Missed it? You can read from the start here:

Day 1: Once Upon a Time…
Day 2: I fell in love…
Day 3: With makeup…
Day 4: Found out what makeup really was… and fell in love more…
Day 5: With makeup packaging…
Day 6: And even with makeup storage…
Day 7: So then I splurged…
Day 8: But mum wasn’t quite the same. Instead she taught me…

9. Write about the makeup item you waited the longest to buy.

I never wait for too long. I’m impatient. If I have to wait, then bugger it, I’m not buying it. So really, the only thing I’ve ever truly waited for was Urban Decay’s 15th Anniversary Eyeliner Set.

The first time I heard about it, I knew I had to buy it. Oh, but we first heard about it in November. The release date wasn’t till January. Are you kidding me? No instant gratification? Fail!

But I persevered. I kept talking about it with friends, I kept going back to Temptalia’s review on the eyeliners to gaze upon them, I was obsessed. I had to have the set.

It only took just about forever for it to get to January and for the set to be released. The day it was released, Celina and I jumped on it, ordered it and soon it was on the way to me.

A perfect birthday present, if I do say so myself.

Before then, I have never wanted anything quite so bad! (Of course, after that, I came across By Terry… and that’s a whole new ballgame).

Review: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Product: Eye Primer
Brand: Urban Decay
Price: $23.00 usd
Buy from: Urban Decay online

I picked up this primer potion way before I really knew too much about sephora shopping. Pity, because I paid a tad more than $23.00 usd for it too.

But the main reason I picked it up was because my eyeliner was transferring to my lower lids within hours of me putting it on. The sorrows of having oily lids! At that time I was back in Singapore and over breakfast of half boiled eggs and kaya toast one morning, I casually whinged about my eyeliner transferring to a girlfriend. She took one look at me and said: “Get a primer.”

I did, and I’ve never looked back since. I can’t say whether or not this primer is the best, because I’ve only ever tried this one primer. But when it does its job and doesn’t give you a reason to get another, would you buy others? (To be fair, I did, but purely for research purpose!)

Just a few dots of this is enough to cover the entire lid. You really don’t need a lot, I often cringe when I watch youtube videos of girls smearing a whole lot over their lid. It’s a waste of product and really doesn’t ‘improve’ the performance any. A couple of dots is sufficient.

Here’s why I like this product:

  • As far as keeping the shadows and liner in place, this works just like super glue. Once on, nothing budges from it.
  • Only very little of the product is needed, one tube will last you ages.
  • It has a brightening effect which helps widen out the eye area.

  • There’s not very much else to say other than, if you have oily lids and find your shadows and liner smudging, you NEED this!

    The Road to Confidence: Harajuku Girl

    What is the road to confidence?

    For you, the road might be very different to the one I take.

    The road to confidence is a rocky one. There are many ways to get there but no matter which way you choose, it will definitely be long and rocky. My journey with makeup so far has taught me that makeup can be one of the keys to getting to the end destination. So I decided that in order to move myself along that journey, I will try as many different looks as possible in order to find who I am. And I am documenting my every step, so that you may come with me on this journey along my road to confidence.

    Never in a million years would I think of using so many colours together and at once on the one face. And for colour to go beyond the lids and eyebrows, that’s just crazy talk! Or is it?

    I was convinced (and still am) that I can’t pull off that colour lippie. Frosty colours don’t do well on my skintone! So I went with a lighter shade for my base, and toned down the frosty pink with Lancome’s juicy tube. I think I just barely pulled it off.

    I don’t love this look as much as last week’s but it was a lot of fun doing it! It was almost akin to painting a mask on yourself – very interesting. Oh well. At least now I’ve satisfied my curiosity. Will try a new look next week!

    Please do tell me what you think of this one!

    The Road to Confidence: Napoleon Perdis for Alex Perry

    My friends are the most influential people in my life. Having left home fairly long ago, I quickly learnt that when you are out and away from your family, friends then become your family.

    By that token, you learn from each other. You support each other, and most of all, you always have each other’s back. Similarly, while I may be Celina‘s blogging mentor, in turn, she is my constant inspiration. Her Book of Fables are amazing, intricate and always incredibly detailed. She’s long urge me to post photos of myself on the blog and it’s taken me a very long time to be able to get comfortable with the idea. Lack of self esteem, low self confidence in my looks, blah, blah, blah. If not for her, I wouldn’t dare to go out of my comfort zone, so Celina, my very first blogpost to this new chapter is dedicated to you. Thank you.

    I actually have many looks that I want to try. I have the materials and the resources to, but I greatly doubt my skill. I also doubt my face and my capability to pull it off.
    But when the runway look for Alex Perry hit the catwalks, I knew I had to do it. Self-doubt or not, I was doing it.


    Face of Australia – Face Base Primer*
    The Mini Skin – Mini Girls Triple Magic BB Cream


    Urban Decay – Eyeshadow Primer Potion
    Illamasqua – Precision Ink in Abyss
    Fashion Addict – Black False Eyelashes (Diamante Novelty)*
    Revlon – Precision Lash Adhesive
    Urban Decay – 24/7 Glide On Eyepencil in Zero
    YSL – Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils
    150 Eyeshadow Palette

    Cheeks and Lips

    Face of Australia – blusher: Outback Nutmeg*
    Face of Australia – Lip Quench in Sweet Nectar*
    Lancome – Juicy Tubes in Toffee R&B

    So what do you reckon? It wasn’t just my first attempt at replicating that particular look, but also my first attempt at replicating any look. I’m quite pleased with my efforts, though I can see mistakes already. I was also quite a bit more heavy handed with the eyeliner. Eyeliner addict that I am.

    I learnt a lot of things doing this. But the biggest lesson was that I had a lot of fun. And I’m really looking forward to doing more in the future!!

    In other news, have a look at this clip:

    Absolutely hilarious makeup sales pitch!

    Haul Post: April v.1 – Illamasqua, BYS, Coastal Scent, Urban Decay, Prestige

    I thought I was being good! But when my Post office master went “Merry Christmas!” to me when I went to pick up my parcels.. I knew I must have done it again. Oh dearie me.

    But who could blame me with this lot here? Dee had an amazing blogsale and I couldn’t not pick something up. So I got the coastal scents palette and two urban decay eyeshadows. I really wanted more, but I had been too slow. Darnit. My wallet’s most likely cheering though. In my defense, the coastal scents palette is going to be a gift to a very special friend because I believe all girls should have at least one big palette. I have multiple big palettes because I love love love them! They make me feel like the pro that I’m not.

    Dee had been generous and sent along some freebies as well. Mineral eyeshadows! I’ve seen them around, played with them but never had them in my collection. So am quite excited to have these. Thank you Dee!

    Then of course, there was my Illamasqua haul. Two items from the Toxic Nature collection were sent to be reviewed (soon! I promise) but if you remember, Kelly Cutrone came by Melbourne to sign her book and promote the very amazing and heartwarming S.O.P.H.I.E. foundation. So I got the S.O.P.H.I.E. pencil liner and the precision ink from the Toxic Nature collection. I’m a real sucker for eyeliners. Seriously.

    I had a play with the Precision Ink and love it! I’ll be showing how I layer them over my normal liner and hopefully do a FOTD with it as well. As for the S.O.P.H.I.E. liner, I’m not sure. Pencil liners are not my favourite things in the world and if I really wanted to use a pencil liner, I have my Urban Decay’s 24/7s. It’s real nice and all, but we’ll see.

    I think I will be picking up more Illamasqua when I’m back in Melbourne next week. I can feel it already…

    And then there was this! A lovely present from a lovely Jacie. She heard my plea for some colour change in my life and swooped down like the fairy godmother that she is and gifted me these.

    I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet but I know which one I’m trying out first!

    I can also feel that order to Fashion Addict very soon. Oh poor bank account, run, hide! As fast as you can!

    And lastly, I went by Priceline with the #ABBM girls on Saturday and between Suki and myself, we bought enough to get one of the beauty bags to split amongst us. This is my share of the loot! I’m quite happy with it as I’ve longed wanted to try a Revlon lippie, a green eyeshadow (Rimmel’s), and am looking forward to trying out the new Prestige’s liner I got. Did I mention I have a liquid liner addiction?


    And I haven’t even started thinking about hauling from Gmarket yet!

    Do share your haul posts with me in the comments below. Even if you haven’t written up a post about it, you can still tell me about what you’ve hauled recently!